Who are we? + FAQ <3

Hi there! We really appreciate your interest in our little shop :)

Who are we? We're a small team of four who were united by a perpetual love for fashion. We're not a typical major corporation of never-ending wealth. When you purchase from us, you're placing food on our plates and rent to our names :)

From alternative styles to classics, we're inspired by every beauty that surrounds us. Nature, films, and the vogue of past decades all play a part in the designs we unleash. All of our clothing items are exclusive and ship directly to your home from our manufacturer's warehouse in Hong Kong. What does this mean? It means our designs are made in limited runs in an attempt to avoid waste and keep Planet Earth first <3 It means products are sent on demand and not made in bulk, keeping our environment in the forefront once again. It means the clothing you get is clothing that brick and mortar stores will never have! We're ALL-EXCLUSIVE and excited to share with you this art of threads✨ 

As a small business, our main focus will always be the customer's experience and your satisfaction. If you ever have any concerns or questions not listed in the FAQ below, please never hesitate to contact us:

We'll try our best to get back to you as soon as possible <3


* ~ * ~ * FAQ * ~ * ~ *

Where is my package?

Check here.


How long is shipping?

As mentioned above, our clothes ship from Hong Kong, meaning our delivery windows are between 1-4 weeks. We thank you for your patience <3


We're so sorry, we're not able to change or cancel orders after they are placed. We're sure you'll love it when you see it though 😏 


What's your return policy?

Check it out here ;)